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We make every attempt to provide the entertainment we advertise at the venues specified though we cannot always control what happens. Please be reminded that invited guests speakers and artists for events we advertise may have a schedule conflict and cancel an appearance. However, our events will always provide the food, a live performance and the Dj with good music as advertised. Guests speaker appearances are an additional presentation at our events and not the reason for the event. The State of New York shall govern the terms of this agreement.

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Rhythm and Blues Reloaded Inaugural Ball January 20th 2013

Gold Sponsor ($10,000) 
10 VIP Tickets
Gold Sponsor listing on website/event program book
Gold Sponsor recognition on event materials & press releases
Company name listen on the screen
Gold Sponsor print on red carpet backdrop (AKA step and repeat)
Silver Sponsor ($5,000)
5 VIP Tickets
Silver Sponsor recognition on event materials & press releases
Silver Sponsor print on red carpet backdrop (AKA step and repeat)
Bronze Sponsor (1,500-2,500)
Bronze Sponsor listing on website event program book
Bronze Sponsor recognition at event.

Street Chic Generation Bridge Summer White Dinner

The Grand African Ball

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October Hype: Hiphop Brunch

Bon Vivant New Year Soiree

My Funny Valentine

The Grand African Ball;

Street Chic Summer White Party:

Last-Call Summer White Party